– SURREALISM is defined by imaginative details and startling or bizarre images. Images have a dreamlike marked by startling shifts in objects and people. Artists whose work reflect these characteristics include: Aljoscha Blau, Anthony Browne, Julia Gukova, David Wiesner. – Gukova creates a full-fledged surreal landscape, complete with strange apparatuses, hybrid creatures, impossible architecture that could not be more evocative, and an atmosphere that is at once exotic, nostalgic, and even abstract… Gukova’s remarkably beautiful vision is a holiday for the heart. A small masterpiece. – Ever seen a bear with a parrot head and frog legs? In Julia Gukova's delightfully illustrated All Mixed-Up! A Mixed-Up Matching Book, a flip of a flap makes for sorted silly critters. – Julia Gukova has for many years cooperated with the leading publishers world-wide, her books have been published in Gremany, Japan, Canada and now she returns to Russia as she has recently got some commissions there. – Gukova, who has won international awards from several countries, turns her considerable talents on this folktale for Annick here in Canada. Employing hazy landscapes in muted shades on double page spreads, Gukova expresses the immensity of the natural elements compared to the small mole. – Wie heeft de frambozen gestolen? Natuurlijk de jonge raaf Julia! Het bewijs ligt onder haar boom. Julia vindt het heel naar dat haar vrienden dit denken. Maar dan ontdekken de dieren dat de frambozen over de grond kruipen. De mieren zijn de dieven! De dieren hebben Julia vals beschuldigd. Ze vragen de frambozen terug en geven ze aan Julia om het goed te maken. of book lovers