1987 – Russia, Moscow. A prize-winner of Annual Competition for the Best Children’s Book, held by the State Commitee on Printing and Publishing of the USSR – was awarded for the book A Midsummer-Night’s Dream by W.Shakespeare. Kniga Publishing House, Moscow, 1985

1989 – Slovakia, Bratislava – La Biennale International d’Illustrations de Bratislava BIB-89 – a golden medal for the book Where a Dream Dreams by Janis Baltvilks. Detskaya Literatura, Moscow, 1988

1991 – France, Paris – The International GIELJ Competition Prize of Graphical Nomination for the book Alice in Wonderland by L.Carroll. Verlag J.F.Schreiber Ltd, Germany, 1991

1992 – Germany – German Academy for Children and Youth – awarded The Book of the Month for the book I Don’t Dance Under Your Fife by Edith Thabet. Verlag J.F.Schreiber Ltd, Germany, 1992

1993 – Austria, Vienne – Republican Institute of Art300 Best Books for Children and Teenagers for the book The Marzipan Man by Arnica Esterl. Verlag J.F.Schreiber Ltd, Germany, 1993

1996 – Canada, Toronto – Annick PressThe Best Book of the Year in Canada for the book Free Son of the Seas by Richardo Keens-Douglas. Annick Press Ltd, Toronto – New York, 1995

2003 – Russia, Moscow. Winner of the International Triumph Prize

2004 – Russia, Moscow. Winner of the Scarlet Sails Prize for book series The Old City, created by Julia Gukova. Fond Galereya, Chelyabinsk